Are Your Trade Show Promotional Items Even Making It Home?

  • May 21, 2014

Trade Show Marketing 101: Keep Your Promotional Products Small and Lightweight

Austin, Texas: Trade show promotional items.

We all love free trade show swag.

For some of us, it is our favorite part of going to a trade show.

But on the marketing side, are your trade show promotional items even making it home to your customers?

With the cost of checking luggage getting to the point of ridiculous, most of the trade show attendees will be traveling light and do not want to add any more bulk or weight to their already bulging bags.

Keep this in mind when deciding on what to hand out to your trade show attendees.

Ceramic coffee mugs? Are you kidding? Breakable and heavy. These won’t even make it home.

I remember a customer that used to hand out wooden yardsticks to trade show attendees. If this was a local community show, this would be a nice and handy promotional item.

However, if guests were flying in for this trade show–you will find your entire promotional budget in the trash–at the convention center and at the airports.

When planning promotional products for your next trade show, think in terms of usefulness, size and weight.

Promotional USB Power Chargers — these rank high on all 3 levels.

Promotional Earbuds–same thing. Scores on all 3 fronts.

Imprinted Microfiber Cloths–another top choice.

If you would not want to stick the promotional item in your purse, jacket, backpack or suitcase, neither will your customers.

Think a little bit about how your trade show promotional products will be taken home so that you don’t waste your marketing budget and sales opportunity.

Happy Promoting!

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