Back-To-School Items That All Will Appreciate

  • Jul 18, 2019

The start of school is right around the corner, and this is a great time for brands to market themselves. 


From educational institutions who are looking to welcome everyone back and those with a young audience to companies that have products/services related to learning and/or teaching, there are several opportunities… especially when imprinted swag is used.


These are the back-to-school promotional products that will draw in fans and promote your business most!


Power Banks

Cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices need to be charged up and ready to go to classes and study sessions. That being said, students and teachers alike will appreciate being given a power bank in a welcome kit or winning one at a first-day-of-school function.

Back-To-School Items

Lanyard Charging Cables

Similarly, there are lanyard charging cables like this 3-in-1 one, which has a type C connector, micro USB/lightning combo connector and a standard USB connector, all with a carabiner-style clip to hold an ID or a badge!

Back-To-School Gifts

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Many enjoy listening to music while studying or reading, so noise cancellation headphones and earbuds are some more great items to consider. A tech gadget like this would make the perfect prize during a raffle, as well!

Back-To-School Promotion

Flash Drives

A simple, affordable and useful piece of swag is a USB flash drive. These are used all the time, and when that happens, people will see your company name and logo on this device. 

Back-To-School Promotional Product


Whether a college kid is pulling an all-nighter, a sports team has an early game or a teacher has to stay late to grade papers, coffee is a must! Of course, branded tumblers are always wise to give to fans and followers, and they will definitely be utilized often. 

School Logo Gift


When school does start up again, there are numerous appointments, practices, due dates and holidays to keep track of and remember; help out those in education with a high-quality planner. 

branded planner


Those who are heading back to class will need a place to carry all of this swag, as well as their books and supplies. So, the last product suggestion on this list is a backpack. There are several styles out there, and any of these bags would make this time of the year even more successful, all while advertising your brand. 

logo backpack


We hope everyone has a nice start back to the school year, and we encourage everyone to turn to Geek Tech Branding for promotional pieces, all year long!