Best Practices for Offering Referral Gifts: Pay it Forward

  • Apr 30, 2014

Are You Properly Using Referral Gifts to Increase Leads?

ideas for referral giftsAustin, Texas: One large reason that our client base orders our promotional gifts is for referral gifts.

When done properly, referral gifts can dramatically increase your sales and leads.

When done incorrectly, referral gifts can seem like a bribe or a bit over-the-top and insulting.

When utilizing referral gifts as part of your marketings trategy, keep in mind that the best referral gifts are done without any quid pro quo or set expectations.

For example,if you work at a wealth management firm and are seeking to increase referrals from lawyers and other professionals that work with high net clients, it is best to visit these people and leave a nice high-end gift with them initially– and tell them you’d appreciate any referrals they might have.

It is subtle and effective without being insulting.

Be sure the gift has a high value and will be used over and over again in order to keep your company top of mind.

Promotional power banks chargers and imprinted Bluetooth speakers have been very popular for referral gifts.

Hand out your referral gift as a “thank you for meeting me” gift –not as “you only get this gift with a referral”.

In order to increase the number of leads in your sales funnel, you will need to rely on more referrals.

Personally visit with the people that you are asking referrals from and reward them for their time.

I have been in business for over 30 years because of the power of referrals.

People like to refer other people who do a good job for them.

Referral gifts can keep your brand and name in front of those infuencers that can help you increase sales.

How will you utilize referral gifts in the future?

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