Best Referral Gift Ideas For Financial Advisors

  • Jul 2, 2019

Client referrals are common in many industries, including for financial advisors. To show appreciation for someone’s recommendation, they often turn to gifts that say thanks and encourage more of this.


Choosing a referral gift can be stressful, though. You want something that will be used and valued. It needs to be not too big but not too small. And, of course, for financial advisors, there is a limit, as FINRA Rule 3220 says a person can’t give anything in excess of $100 per individual per year.


Here are our gift ideas:


Power Banks

An on-the-go professional has gadgets that need to stay charged and ready to use. That being said, a high-quality and imprinted power bank could be greatly appreciated and used fairly often.

Referral Gift Ideas For Financial Advisors

Food Gifts

Sweets and treats are often given, which can be a nice surprise and fun way to say thank you.

Referral Gift Ideas For Finance

Gift Sets

Similarly, there are gift options that provide a couple of tools, such as this set that comes with a Bluetooth Speaker and an executive charger.

Financial Referral Gifts


Padfolios are great to have in the business world, and a high-caliber one with a company name/logo on it would make a smart gift idea.

Financial Advisor Referral Gift

Wine Glasses

The last suggestion would be wine glasses; one tumbler, a monogrammed set or even a glass that came with a decanter would be valued by many.

Referral Gifts


So if or when it comes time to give a referral gift, go to Geek Tech Branding for custom options!