Bring Your Brand To Life With Custom Video Brochures

  • May 11, 2022

An exciting message, presented in a branded booklet, will lead to lasting brand exposure.


For years, brochures have been a go-to advertising tool. In today’s advanced world, though, companies and organizations must take big and bold steps, in order to stand out and make an impact. Therefore, there are custom video brochures. 


Video Greeting CardThese present information in a unique way, appealing to those who want to read about new products/services and those who would rather watch/listen. They create an unforgettable experience, as they can be mailed, opened, and played. There are also an array of customization options, helping brands to increase exposure. 


For instance, a Video Greeting Card, with its built-in speaker and rechargeable battery, allows for endless replays. It can draw in potential employees when set up at a job fair, entice potential clients when sent with a gift, and win over potential investors whenLCD Video Mailer Card presented at a pitching meeting.


Similarly, an LCD Video Mailer Card offers a short and sweet presentation. It can feature multiple pre-recorded video and audio messages in a full-color mailer or booklet. 


There are even Business Card Video Brochures; imagine handing these out at trade shows and other industry events … It will surprise people and stick with them, as it builds up your brand.


Business Card Size Video BrochureWhile there are numerous ways to market a business/association, video really is the way to go. In fact, 94% of marketers share that videos have increased the public’s understanding of products/services, 86% share that it’s helped generate leads, and 81% share that it has a direct impact on sales (via HubSpot).


See more video brochures here, and start making a one-of-a-kind impression today!




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