Broadway is Allowing Customers to Order Branded Merch Right From Their Seats

  • Oct 14, 2021

How can you make it easier for customers to buy your branded merch and other products--while increasing your revenue?

Austin, Texas


Broadway has started implementing a QR code phone app to allow patrons to order branded swag, merch and apparel right from the comfort of their seats, according to an article in  Broadway News.


This will allow consumers to avoid long lines during intermission or just before and after and order merch in a more timely and safer environment-- and order at their own pace and convenience.


Many times bars, music venues, bands, museums, restaurants and other novel businesses fail to maximize the potential of their branded merch sales.  Many people would rather order from an app- where they can have an outdoor kiosk or tent -- or even an online store-- handle the pickup and delivery of the swag... or have the server or other staff person bring the paid merch right to the person's seat.


This can be done through a simple app- and promoted at each table, chair back, in store signage, and other locations.


People like simplicity and ordering at their own pace.  Most also prefer to avoid lines at the merch booth-- so this type of program will allow you to have less clutter, fewer employees manning the booth - and make the purchase AND the delivery of the swag a simpler process for all involved.


Are you missing out on increased forms of revenue from your branded apparel and merch?


Let me know how you have made it simpler for your clients to order swag from you.


Happy Promoting!


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