Consistency is a Virtue in Business

  • Mar 9, 2021

Be Consistent: Your Customers Are Expecting It


I have been on Twitter for about an 30 minutes a day for the past few months... and I have noticed a huge proliferation in get rich quick hacks and posts-- and general advice on how to get wealthy by creating value to a potential audience.


Seeing a large swath of people on this app eschewing conventional jobs in search of "mailbox money" is inspiring-- especially if it is done at first to enhance their current income; then to leave for greener pastures.


The one piece of advice this old codger would like to add is to BE CONSISTENT.


Whether you are writing an e-book, starting an online course - or just running a traditional business, a consistent message is easiest for customers to know.


Consistency also helps you to keep your focus on the prize.


I have personally been involved in branding and marketing since I was in college in 1981 -- and it is what I love to do. I am 100% focused on helping my clients to promote their brands, their events, their business, etc. -- and I read, blog, converse these subjects ad infinitum.


My clients (and prospects) expect me to be a leading voice in branding and marketing.  I owe it to them-- and to myself.


I am consistent in my messaging.


My clients know to come to me to solve their marketing and branding problems or opportunities.


Consistency does not have to be boring. It does not even have to be mundane.


Keep growing within your field. Share your experiences (good and bad).  But keep your messaging on point so your customers know what to expect.


My product offerings may change over the years--but I am still a source for the latest in branded merch and providing value in my advice and consultations-- probably because of my consistency for these many decades.


Happy Promoting!

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