Coronavirus Cancellation? Bring The Trade Show To The Clients!

  • Mar 12, 2020

The coronavirus, which causes respiratory tract infections, is a current concern that has resulted in travel restrictions, cancelled events, runs on certain grocery store items and over 4,500 deaths. 


Due to this pandemic, there have certainly been some businesses and organizations that have faced challenges. From new health guidelines and remote work hours to trade shows and other industry functions being shut down, this is not an easy time. It can be hard for a brand to continue seeing and maintaining success during times like these.


However, there are alternative ideas, which you can utilize to promote your company/cause, even if an event has been cancelled. Read below to learn some of these top tips from Geek Tech Branding!

trade show swag

Video Brochures

High-quality videos, HD LCD screens and autoplay technologies provide clients with a multi-sensory experience like no other. These can be sent and watched anywhere and any time, making them a smart move during a global health pandemic!


Keep Communicating

Effective communication is vital in all relationships, and during a crisis, your customers, employees, investors and fans want to hear from you more than ever. From email campaigns and social media posts to phone calls and in-person meetings, make sure your team is doing everything it can to reassure and to relay information in the best way possible. 


Website Revamp

Think about what people will be missing, if/when an industry event gets shut down. Then, try to deliver as much as possible via your website. Add a section for new products. Implement a live chat feature. Host a giveaway via social media. Make your fan base still feel like they are getting something from you, even if they did not get to visit your booth in person!


Gift Sets

When people attend trade shows, they walk away with swag. These freebies are useful and thoughtful gifts that also act as walking billboards; everyone who sees them will then learn about your brand. Therefore, even if a trade show is cancelled, be sure to send out gift sets, which can come with anything from tools and games to reusable cups and tech gadgets.


Custom Swag

Customized promotional products, in general, are a great way to build up awareness and traffic. Throughout the year and especially at this moment, with coronavirus on everyone’s minds, businesses and organizations should turn to promo items as a way to market themselves. There are tons of options, and they can all be customized with your logo (as a way to advertise) or with your clients’ logos (as a way to say thanks).


Go Local

Another good idea is to do something locally; people may not be able to travel fully right now, but this is the perfect time to immerse yourself in your community. There are lots of ways to interact with those around you, and it will help boost your town’s economy, as people are enjoying food from local restaurants, buying tickets to a local venue, getting rides from local services and so on. 


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