Create Brand Awareness & Boost Business With Custom-Printed Tech Accessories

  • Sep 16, 2020

These imprinted technology gifts are a great way to keep your company name top of mind!


popsocket phone standIn today’s tech-driven world, a top way brands can spread awareness and boost business is with promotional technology accessories. These tools enhance how gadgets are used, making them fun and handy forms of marketing.


Promo items like these can be given away online, at events or with purchases. They can be passed out to announce a launch, a special or a new product/service. They can be gifted to employees and/or clients, as a way to show appreciation. And they can all be imprinted with a brand’s logo, helping it be seen over and over by many.


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Some popular custom-printed tech accessories include the following:


Bluetooth Headphones: Since they can be utilized for everything from taking calls to listening to music, wireless headphones are must! Plus, Prim Detachable Wireless Phone Mounteveryone will enjoy receiving a high-quality pair that boasts custom colors and designs. 


Car Chargers: With an on-the-go lifestyle, there are many people out there (including customers) who regularly need to juice their phones back up again. Brands can assist in this area by handing out vehicle chargers with logos. 


PopSockets: These trending items make holding a phone easier and can show off personalities, since they can in an array of styles!


Stylus Pens: When taking notes during a meeting, scheduling calls and/or replying to emails, professionals can utilize custom stylus pens. 


Stands: Since many own a laptop, tablet, e-reader and cell phone, a stand is another thoughtful and useful promo product.


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