Custom Mascot Plush Toys Can Increase Brand Recognition

  • Jul 9, 2020

Stuffed animals that boast your name and logo can have a real impact, when handed out to employees and given away to customers, fans, clients and followers!


Companies and organizations turn to promotional products in order to spread awareness, run affordable/memorable advertising campaigns, build brand recognition, appeal to customers/employees/fans and boost business. 

While there are a variety of custom gifts out there, stuffed animals and plush toys can be a real hit: They are affordable, they help customers recall your brand, they can build up relationships, and they can bring a brand to life. 


For instance, a plush toy series of “Happy Cells” was used in the healthcare sector for brand awareness and consumer education and resulted in continued leadership by Miltenyi Biotec.

And Scout, the Distributel Fox, is an ambassador of the Distributel brand and was brought to life as a custom plush, in order to give customers a thoughtful gift while promoting business at various events. This is a gift that everyone wants to take home and that will be kept forever, making it a powerful way to keep Distributel top of mind. Furthermore, Scout’s tag encourages people to take photos and post them to social media, increasing awareness even further.

To get your own cuddly, soft and successful promo product, consider Geek Tech Branding’s plushies. bears that celebrate careers, monkeys that show off businesses, beavers that support schools, deer that feature causes and so much more. Shop now!



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