Distribution is the Key to Promotional Product Success

  • May 9, 2014

How are You Planning to Distribute Your Promotional Products?

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Austin, Texas: I created a Slideshare recently on 20 Tips to Reach and Market to the Teen Demographic — and people have been asking me to expand on my slide #18 about distribution being the key to promotional product success.

Why Is Distribution So Critical to Your Marketing Success–Whether You are Marketing to Teens, To Business Executives, to Medical Professionals– or to Any Other Category?

The main reason you want to give away a promotional product is to get some sort of return on your investment–right?

You are not Santa Claus giving out gifts to good boys and girls.

You want the recipient to have some sort of desired outcome or to take an action–whether that is to call you, go online to find out more information, buy your product at retail, visit your college, refer a friend or associate, thank someone, reward somebody, etc.

If you have no desired outcome–then save your money and just forego the event or activity altogether.

Once you have your planned outcome visualized, the next step is to think about the best way to reach out to that target audience.

You can distribute your promotional products at a targeted or industry trade show.

Your promotional products can be mailed to a person’s home or office.

They can be handed out at festivals, street fairs, farmer’s markets, at the beach, etc.

They can be part of a swag bag.

They can be tossed at on stage or shot out of an air cannon.

But get your promotional products into the hands of the people that you want to take an action step.

Do not pile your promo products on a table and hope people will grab them from a pile at your trade show booth.

Be proactive and hand them out.

Tell a quick story to make the item have a higher perceived value.

But make sure your promotional products get distributed – to the right audience.

That way you can maximize your ROI and see promotional products as a part of your marketing and branding strategy–not as a trinket or trash item.

Happy Promoting!

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