Dominate Your Customers' Desktop With Imprinted Desk Accessories

  • Dec 12, 2013

Imprinted Desk Accessories Can Maximize Your Promotional ROI

imprinted desk access Austin, Texas: I wrote a post a few weeks back about how crucial it is to match where your customers make their buying decisions with the type of promotional products you give to them.

Since the majority of B2B purchasing decisions are still made at the desk, it is logical to look for desk accessories to keep your brand top of mind for your customers.

Look around at your desk and count the number of imprinted and branded promotional items.

Add up the imprinted mp3 speakers, journal books, staplers, desk calendars, paperweights, promotional phone stands, imprinted mouse pads and even imprinted fans on your desk.

If you are like most people, you have several pieces of promotional items on your desktop–taking up prime real estate. Your desktop!

Now, as a marketer, don’t you want to own that real estate on your clients’ and prospects’ desks? You bet!!

A recent study from the 2013 Global Ad Specialties Impressions Study shows that 22% of US consumers own at least one logoed desk accessory.

That same survey shows that the younger the person, the more desk accessories they have on their desk–with 25% of buyers 21-34 and 20% of buyers aged 35-44 leading the group.

This study says nothing about items that are not truly considered desk accessories-such as promotional stylus pens, imprinted iPhone cases and covers and coffee mugs that will inevitably end up on ones desktop.

Dominate the desktop and you will be remembered at the time of purchase.

Brand recognition, number of impressions and effectiveness all are great reasons why imprinted desk accessories are the way to “own the desktop”.

When you are looking to gain your client’s attention, what type of promotional item will you look for next? I hope you said “imprinted desk accessory”!

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