Don't Buy Trinkets and Trash - Be Sure to Buy Only Branding Solutions

  • Jan 5, 2016

trinkets and trashTrinkets and Trash are Not a Wise Branding Strategy

Austin, Texas: I got a call today from a company asking for “trinkets and trash” for their up-coming trade show.

I asked him why he would want to give away trash — and he replied that he just needed something with his name and didn’t care whether or not it ends up in the trash or not.

I told him to save his money and just throw one dollar bills down the trash.

I was being facetious, of course, but why would anyone want to give away an item with their logo that they couldn’t care less about?

If it has your name and logo on it–then it is a branding piece–whether you want to look at it that way or not.

A cheap plastic 29 cent pen with your logo that leaks ink after the second use brands your company has shoddy with no attention to detail.

A tote bag with the wrong shade of orange or blue in your logo brands your company poorly.

Think about your audience and what makes them tick .. and try to think about what they’d want to get at a trade show, convention or event.

I bet they are not thinking ” I would love to receive a trinket or trash”.  Nor would you.

I tell my clients that they are better off ordering a smaller quantity of high quality, properly imprinted promotional gifts than a higher quantity of crap.

Think about the lifetime value of a client and how you want to be remembered.

Every promotional product with your logo represents your brand.

They are part of your marketing mix.

Think about this next time you consider ordering “trinkets and trash” — and stay away from them.

Be sure to order only branding solutions and remembrance marketing that will showcase your brand and your company for a long time in a positive light.

Rethink quantity to stay closer to your budget and give gifts that your clients and prospects will say “thank you” to…not trinkets and trash that will end up in the trash.

Happy Promoting!

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