Enthusiasm is Contagious - and Improves the Customer Experience

  • Mar 31, 2014

Are You Training Your Employees to be More Enthusiastic?

Austin, Texas: I went out to a restaurant the other night with a few friends — and we had a waiter that stood out–mostly for her enthusiasm.

We asked for her menu suggestions, and she recited her three favorites–giving a reason why each was so delicious.

It was not only the waitress that impressed us throughout our meal– with her lines like: “Don’t you just love it!?”, “Isn’t it tasty”, and phrases like this peppered all night.

The hostess who sat us told us how much we are going to like the table she had selected for us.

The wine steward told us how much we were going to love our wine selections too.

And you know what?

We loved our meal.

We loved our wine.

We loved our experience.

I think we were pre-sold on enjoying it because of the subtle touch-points from each of the employees.

Even if the experience would have been just average–we would have perceived it to be well above average.

Positive reinforcement and enthusiasm are strong motivators.

How are you training your staff to interact with customers?

Try positive affirmations — delivered in an enthusiastic manner.

Enthusiasm rubs off to customers.

Hire enthusiastic people.

Train them.

Reinforce that positive behavior.

Watch sales and referrals soar.

It is the simplest way to gain sales with minimal cost.

Here’s to an enthusiastic experience.

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