Everyone Loves a Swag Bag - Just Ask the Grammys

  • Jan 24, 2014

Rich or Poor–We all Love Swag!


Austin, Texas: If you want to know what Grammy presenters will begetting this weeknd in their swag bag–EOnline.com has the scoop.

According to the gospel of Eonline.com, the swag for the 2014 Grammy Awards includes:

“From a Gibson guitar of their choice to an iHome Bluetooth portable FM stereo, a pair of chic Solstice sunglasses or a candy pendant necklace by SIS by Simone I. Smith, Max Martin shoes and Fabi Fabi accessories, there’s an endless amount of cool finds that will surely generate some buzz from the stars.

What else is in the loot?

A Wowwee interactive robot with Bluetooth technology, a ‘Best of Las Vegas’ prize package, Hydroxycut, a year’s supply of 5 Gum, a Gramovox phone, a Kohler Moxie showerhead with wireless speakers, Go Lo food items and so much more—just to name a few.”

Next time you need to justify whether or not your swag (or promotional trade show gifts) have value or not — remember, no matter what the income level of the recipient, everyone loves and is motivated by quality, useful promotional items.

The key to choosing your promotional swag is Quality.

If you are giving away tschotchkes–forget about it. There is minimal keepsake value to those.

Gifts that will be used over and over again–that is your ticket to brand building.

Happy promoting!

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