Fight Off Juice Jacking With Custom Power Banks

  • May 15, 2023

To keep devices safe from hackers, only use your own personal, portable charger!


We’ve all experienced it: Our phones or other devices are dying, so we plug them in at airports or coffee shops, in order to let them charge. However, when using public ports like these, we are putting ourselves at risk of juice jacking. 


Juice jacking is when hackers load malware in public places, which can then access your device’s data (like passwords or credit card info), lock your device, spy through your device, or steal your log-in information.  


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The way to combat this threat is to carry and use your own power bank. This is a smart choice for many reasons, as it’s…

-convenient, allowing for on-the-go charging

-portable and lightweight, making it easy to store/transport in a bag or pocket

-customizable, which makes it perfect for onboarding kits, client appreciation gifts, trade show booths, and other promotions


Some top suggestions for custom-printed portable chargers include the following:


Anker® MagGo Portable 5k Battery