Four New PopSockets® To Love

  • Oct 24, 2019

The PopSockets® brand is responsible for making some of the most popular and useful phone accessories out there. And since we live in a tech-driven world, these types of items are always a good idea when it comes to promotional products.

Therefore, if you have an event coming up, if you are launching soon, if you need to stock up on gifts for the holiday season or if you are looking to market yourself in a new way, consider these four brand-new additions from PopSockets® or the classic PopSockets® Grip!

BackSpin PopSockets® Grip 

BackSpin PopSockets Grip

Like an original grip from PopSockets®, this one sticks flat to the back of your phone with a repositionable gel, and once it is extended, it becomes a media stand and provides an easier way to hold and use your device. It gets better, though: This one is equipped with ball bearings, so it actually spins like a fidget spinner!

Swappable PopSockets® Grip 

Swappable PopSockets Grip

PopSockets® are easy to apply and make it easier to text, take photos and watch videos with one hand or with the hands-free stand. This particular version is super customizable, too; it can be switched out, in order to match your mood, keep up with your lifestyle or support your brand/cause. 

PopSockets® PopMirror Grip 

PopSockets PopMirror Grip

Next up is an option that has the same great functionality for which this brand is known… but if works as a fashion accessory, too. The top pops open to reveal a mirror, which can help you in putting your best foot forward!

PopWallet+ Lite 


There is also this version that allows you to carry important cards; not only is this a grip that extends into a media stand, but it is also a sleek and silicone wallet that can simply be applied to any device.