Frequency Marketing 101: It's Not Just About New Customers Only

  • Nov 13, 2012

When Planning a Frequency Program, Do Not Fall Into the “New Customers Only” Conundrum

frequency promtions for new customers onlyAustin, Texas: You’ve seen the promotions:

Offer valid for new customers only.

Not valid for existing customers.


Why the heck not?

Your present customers have gotten you to a certain level of success thus far.

If you are planning to run a frequency loyalty program of any kind and are thinking of excluding your bread-and-butter, most loyal customers, you are insane.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Remember this saying? It has lasted for generations because it speaks the truth.

Your loyalty program should be designed BOTH to attract and retain new customers – as well as to reward your present, loyal customers.

It should never be an either/or situation.

Why should a loyal customer not be able to get a free car wash after buying 6 more?

10% discount for new customers only? Why?!?

Why shouldn’t a loyal customer be able to get 20,000 air miles for “rejoining” or “recommitting” to your program?

Loyal customers tell others about your company – and if they feel slighted, not only will they tell others– but they will leave you in the wake–only to take advantage of your competitor’s “new customers only” promotion.

Retain your present customers –while expanding your base.

Reward your present customers.

Recognize your present customers.

Cherish your present customers.

Respect your present customers.

Survey your present customers.

And also grow your base.

Next time you see a promotion that says, “for new customers only” – watch out!

That’s how you will be treated down the road once you become a loyal customer too.

Never take your present customers for granted – or give them any inclination that you only want new customers.

That is akin to being on a date with a beautiful person– only to be constantly looking around to see if a better looking person becomes available.

It is an affront to your present date – and it looks ridiculous to anybody else you might have been making eye contact with.

Don’t make the same marketing mistake that so many others make.

Plan your next loyalty or frequency program with both new customers and present customers in mind.

Happy Promoting.