Get Paid for the Value That You Bring to the Table

  • Aug 13, 2021

Austin, Texas:  Too many salespeople get caught up on prices.  They lower prices every time the client pauses, or says they need to think about it.


Good salespeople understand they they need to bring solutions and value to the equation. Price is not always the answer...and is not usually the only factor.


For example, the water in my pool has not been flowing well into the skimmers -- and this has been causing leaves to accumulate.   The pool repair specialist came over, ran some diagnostics and told me it would cost $2100 to fix the line and replace a few valves. I agreed.


A week later they located the exact position of the damaged pipe, cut a square "hole", repaired the PVC pipes and patched it back up.  They were in and out in 45 minutes for $2100.


The total of the parts were probably less than $25-- but I gladly paid someone to figure out my specific problem and fix it--which they did.  This pool company understood the value proposition. They did not charge me based on 3X costs or $100 for a service call plus parts.  They sold me on a complete solution to my pool problem and they solved it--so it was a win-win situation for both parties.


Are you undervaluing your own services?  Do you just markup product cost and labor by a certain percentage?  If so, maybe it is time to look at a total value proposition for your client.


Sell solutions.  Sell benefits. Sell peace of mind. 


Don't sell me a thing.


Happy Selling!

















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