Getting the Most ROI From Your Promotional Power Chargers for Trade Shows

  • Sep 30, 2014

Are You Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck From Your Promotional Power Chargers?

Austin, Texas: Promotional power chargers (or power sticks; power banks; external battery chargers) have been one of the most popular items for trade shows and conferences over the past 18 months or so.

Why are they so popular? IPads and iPhones are constantly running out of battery power as people are on their devices more than ever before.

So how can you maximize the effectiveness of your free promotional power charger at these trade shows and avents?

I suggest a mutl-pronged approach.

First, promote “Free Power Chargers “and a “Free Charging Station” at your booth.

It works! It increases traffic exponentially and gives you time to talk to, and to qualify, your booth traffic.

Be sure to have a lot of outlets and sufficient amperage at your booth to have dozens of people at your booth at any one time.

Let people charge their own devices and pre-charge the promotional power chargers that you are handing out. Bottom line–when people need battery power, they need it NOW!

Have promotional power chargers in two or three price points -depending on the quality of the lead.

Basic 2200 mAh promotional power chargers for most any smartphone is more than sufficient for the bulk of your trade show attendees.

Then have 5000+ mAh promotional power chargers for your top clients and prospects. These will power most iPads and tablets–as well as a smartphone–giving your recipients plenty of power.

Clients and prospects will have your branded logo on their promotional power chargers for many months or years–and you will be the hero of the trade show.

Plan ahead and your promotional power chargers will maximize your marketing and advertising ROI–and help make your trade show a huge success.

Happy Promoting!

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