Here's a Look At the MTV Swag Bags

  • Apr 16, 2014

Celebrities Love Much As Anyone

Austin, Texas: People are always asking me about the value of swag – or promotional gifts.

Nothing highlights how effective they are as when all the major award shows–including the Grammy’s, the Oscars, MTV, etc. each give out fantastic swag bags to presenters to inspire them to stand up in front of their peers and millions of television viewers around the world.

This year’s swag bag has dozens of awesome gifts, including NVIDIA gaming consoles, Holstad and Ronaldo Jewelry, Brahmin handbags and a luxurious stay at the Yasica Mountain EcoCenter in the Dominican Republic. , as well as others which you can see at this swag bag link.

They give these swag bags out because they are an effective motivating tool.

What are you giving to inspire your best clients, prospects and employees?

The right promotional swag can motivate your employees and clients to greater sales, bigger accomplishments and more fulfilling dreams.

What’s in Your Swag Bag?

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