Hotels Selling Branded Clothing & Getting Noticed Around The World

  • Dec 20, 2018

Draw in crowds by selling imprinted fashion in your hotel!


Shopping in a hotel? It may sound strange, but by selling high-end and top-quality branded clothing, companies can get their logos/names seen all around the world.


Many of us are aware that hotel lobbies offer needed goods like hygiene products and snacks. There are guest services teams that offer everything from cufflinks and bow ties to French presses and favorite types of coffees. Some well-known places sell branded items. Even a select number of luxury hotels are starting to provide their guests with designer clothing items they can rent or buy. And all hotels - big and small - need to think about getting in on this trend, as more and more are becoming boutiques of sort and even selling merchandise online.


If you are looking to take your business to the next level, sell imprinted clothing items as a way to get noticed around the globe!


Caps and hats can be affordable and can work for all ages/genders. From visors that have your name to beanies that sport your logo, these are a great option.


Of course, T-shirts are a go-to item when talking about promoting a business through fashion, so find a variety here!


Similarly, jackets ranging from fleece vests to windbreakers can keep people warm and boast the name of your hotel.


Gloves are also affordable, versatile and good for keeping people warm...all while spreading the news of who you are.

For something more substantial, sell sweatpants in your place of business!


Socks are the final suggestion when it comes to clothes that can serve as a form of advertising, so find some great options here.


As you can see, more and more hotels are turning to fashion as a way to draw in the crowds. By selling high-quality clothing items - items that show off your hotel’s name - your logo will be seen on travelers who stop in to stay with you...and then who continue on to LA, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney and beyond!