How & Why To Celebrate Your Customers Throughout The Year

  • Jul 3, 2018

Valuing your fanbase will pay off for your brand


Did you know that U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service?


Customers keep businesses going, and there are numerous reasons to make your own customers feel appreciated - and there are numerous ways to do so, too!


We all enjoy feeling valued, and below, we have listed out some reasons why it is important to show your clients how much you value them throughout the year (besides the fact that you don’t want to lose money, due to poor customer service!). And if you need some help deciding how to celebrate your customers, start with our five suggestions here.


Why To Celebrate Customers

They keep you going.

As mentioned, customers keep our businesses going. Without them, our products would not be purchased and our services would not be used.

All brands start with one idea, one dream, one entrepreneur...and then after a lot of hard work, energy and investments, thriving businesses are born. People fall in love with these ideas, use these dreams in their own lives and fully benefit from these entrepreneurs.


Word of mouth is powerful.

After people fall in love with products and services, they start talking about said products and services. They post about them online. They tell their friends and family members. They leave positive reviews. They want the world to know about this great new thing!

Word of mouth is one of the best ways for your brand to get recognition, and around 80 percent of people take recommendations from people they know - the easiest way for you to advertise!


It will make you look even better.

There are many factors that go into a brand being a “great” brand or even a “good” brand. Your logo, your customer service, your location, your options and your online activity are just a few of the aspects that people look at, study, see and judge.

And, yes, customer appreciation is another aspect, one that will make your customers feel valued, one that will make people like your brand even more, one that will lead to more sales/service for you and one that will keep you moving forward - bigger and better than ever!


Loyalty is key.

A recent study found that 79 percent of consumers said that they like brands to demonstrate care before they even consider making purchases. This means that if you want to sell products and services, you HAVE to show people how grateful you are! Every visit to your website and store, every review that is left, every like on Facebook...All of this is important, so make the most of it.

And in the end, people will remember the care you showed and the customer service that was provided, and loyalty will flow both ways; you will gain repeat customers, and your clients will also appreciate you!


How To Celebrate Customers

Say thank you.

The most obvious way, the easiest way and actually the best way to show your customers how much you appreciate them is to say thanks. Whether you send an automated email with your orders, give an in-person thanks with in-person purchases or send a handwritten card during the holiday season, you need to make sure your brand has a reputation for being grateful.


Offer offers.

Another way to give back to your fanbase is to offer up deals, freebies and sales - the top-ranking tactic for driving loyalty. Send out coupons every now and then. Give repeat customers discounts. Provide your subscribers with free printouts they can use. Everyone loves marked-down prices and free stuff!


Give gifts.

Depending on what your clientele is like, you could also give bigger gifts. Office supplies, wine sets, tool kits and food items are just a few ideas of presents that can be sent to firms that sign with you, clients who reach milestones or individual customers.



Along the same lines, you can celebrate your customers with parties; parties are a great way to commemorate your company’s milestones, and, in turn, everyone will benefit from the food and fun of the event you are throwing. Furthermore, think about giving out some sort of freebie or discount to your customers on their birthdays.


Feature your clients/customers.

People like knowing there are real humans behind brands, and similarly, people like seeing other people associated with brands. Therefore, a nice way to celebrate customers is to shine the spotlight on them. Feature their photos on your website. Write about clients in your newsletter. Show off people using your product on your social media accounts.

Jay Baer, a well-known business speaker and author, says that “customer service is the new marketing”. There are numerous ways to advertise your brand, but when you are giving back to your clients, valuing your fans and showing each and every customer how much your truly appreciate them...That will get your further than anything, so follow these tips to celebrate your customers throughout the year!