How Nonprofits Can Use Video Brochures To Fundraise

  • Aug 18, 2020

Raise funds and communicate your message by utilizing video brochures!


branded video brochureTo stay up and running and to accomplish their goals, nonprofits and similar organizations must regularly raise funds. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on many areas, including this one.


Without being able to table, interact face to face with the public, attend events and set up meetings with donors, many of these associations have struggled to stay afloat. 


As the world continues to move forward and find a new normal, brands should consider video brochures. These are an advanced and efficient way to showcase details and provide information, and it can all be done safely; these products are simply sent out and opened up, allowing anyone to learn all about a nonprofit. custom video brochure


The video screen can begin playing automatically on an HD and/or LCD screen, capturing attention in a unique way. It can be wrapped in a full-color brochure, adding to a high-quality presentation of products, services, events and more. Plus, there are numerous customization options, such as business card holders, extra pages and various buttons for volume control. 



Now, more than ever, is the time to deliver marketing messages in a stand-out way. See all of Geek Tech Branding’s video brochures here


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