How to Build Trust for Your Brand

  • Sep 9, 2013

Simple Tips to Build Greater Trust for Your Brand

ideas to help build trust for your brandAustin, TX: Whether you are B2B or B2C– all you have is your reputation and trust.

Clients decide whether or not to buy from you based on intangibles that form a trust factor.

Whether you are a web-only startup or a century-old manufacturing business, here are some ideas to help you gain the trust of your clients and prospects.

Are You a Community Leader? How active are you in your industry, trade associations and/or local community. Do you take part in panel discussions, head up committees, and give back? Nothing build deep trust than being open and out-in-front of your industry.

Are You an Information Sharer? On social media, do you share informative pieces of data and facts– or do you just announce your next special? Are you bringing value to the discussions on LinkedIn or Twitter–or just being a passive reader? What information can you share with your audience to help them in their jobs or performance–without blasting proprietary commercials?

Is your Marketing and Branding Efforts Consistent? Are your color schemes and messaging consistent in both your online and print presence? Do all your ad campaigns work together synergistically or is there a hodge-podge of mixed messages, pricing, specials, etc.? Do all of your different marketing channels work together or are there inconsistencies?

Do You offer a Guarantee/Warranty? One of the quickest ways to build trust is to guarantee your work. What type of guarantee do you offer that can “wow” your prospects and remove any elements of hesitation in using your products or services?

How Are Your Perceived by Your Clients and Prospects? Do you even know? Have you asked around? Have you dug into Google for references to your brand? Are you doing any market studies?

Many times my clients’ view of how they are perceived differ vastly from how the marketplace views the,.

What are you going to do to build trust among your prospects, clients, users etc.? Without trust, your business is doomed to failure.

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