How To Create The Best Onboarding Kit

  • Aug 1, 2019

On day one, new employees need to feel welcomed and ready. By utilizing an onboarding kit, employers can make sure that new hires feel like they are ready to get started and like they are part of the team.


According to Glassdoor, the average company spends $4,000 to hire a new employee, taking around 50 days to fill a position. Therefore, when a new hire is finally found, they need to be welcomed into your “family” immediately - and a kit like this is one of the smartest ways to go about this.


This kit needs to contain supplies, as well as some fun swag, and these are the imprinted items we suggest including, to make it the best it can be!


A power bank will help keep all devices charged at all times.

Onboarding Kit

A planner will allow for an organized way to keep track of dates and notes.

Onboarding Kit ideas

A tumbler like this one is a nice way to carry coffee or water to and from work.

Onboarding gift

A shirt is a staple, as it proudly boasts that company name and logo.

employee welcome package


Put everything in a messenger bag, so that new people in the office will have a place to keep their supplies and so that they will have yet another quality item that will be useful in day-to-day life.


Combined, these products will help get new hires set up and ready to go, and in return, they will appreciate how included they feel at this new place of work.