How to Get Your Direct Mail Opened More Frequently

  • Jun 4, 2014

Ideas on How to Increase the Open Rates of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

ideas to increase direct mail open rates

Austin, Texas: We work with many clients that are still doing direct mail–because it is effective for them.

Just because you are a tech-friendly company does not mean that your clients don’t also get snail mail. And with a decrease in snail mail– your direct mail can actually stand out.

However, when doing direct mail, it is best to offer something that can be used or is bulky to increase your open rates.

For example, if you are doing a postcard mailing, having it printed on a magnetic stock and featuring a calendar or helpful industry buzzwords can help insure that your direct mail will be used.

Another postcard idea is a mini-stick-em microfiber cloth that is laminated onto the postcard–which will be placed on the recipients’ smartphones and iPads.

These are lightweight utilitarian and very powerful direct mail tricks.

When doing bulk mail, consider that bulky mail beats bulk mail every time!

What is bulky mail?

I consider it to be something that a customer can feel inside the envelope or package — to let them know something free is inside. Some call it lumpy mail.

Our clients have used promotional stylus pens, imprinted microfiber cloths, logo mousepads and other lightweight items that can withstand the rigors of a bulk mail journey–and still get opened.

What can you do to increase the value of your direct mail?

As direct mail volume continues to decrease, your mailing pieces can have much more significant impact — if you give it a little bit of thought.

Happy Promoting!

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