How to Increase the Reach of Your Marketing Message

  • Apr 13, 2015

Are You Communicating Your Marketing Message Through Memorable Images or Text?

creating your marketing message

Austin, TX: Is your marketing message missing its mark?

Are you providing tons of charts and graphs, biographies of your key members footnotes, and boring text to back of your marketing features or benefits–without first hitting home with your message in a clear and concise way?

Are you assuming that people will be fascinated by your deep research on a topic- without first reeling them in with a provoking statement or question?

If so– it is time to STOP communicating through boring facts and START communicating with stories.

I saw this image on my Facebook page the other day and it clearly hits home with a message that 1000 more words would have failed to communicate:

ideas to improve your marketing message









A simple graphic and a sentence says it all.

If that is not enough to grab the readers, then they were not interested in the message in the first place– so they are not your target audience.

But you do not want to miss out on reaching the largest number of people in your target audience with your marketing message.

Marketing guru Seth Godin says that you need to be remarkable. Not remarkable like incredible–but remarkable in getting others to remark about your message.

If your marketing message is getting lost or not hitting home with your desired audience, perhaps it is time to simplify it.

I can provide charts and facts about every imprinted power charger or selfie stick we carry – or I can brand my message in: 24 Hour Quick Ship Promotional Tech Swag.

Yes- it is that simple. That one phrase sums up what we do. It is our marketing message.

If people want to read more, we have a website that has 500,000 promotional tech items they can view–with pricing, setup costs, turnaround time, and facts.

They can then research our company on Facebook, our blog, Twitter or other social media sites.

They can call, text or email for more information.

But our short 7 word phrase helps to gets the message across… to the right audience.

Need last minute swag– we can help.

Need promotional items in 6 months– we can help but we’d need a different marketing campaign to reach that particular audience.

Would a picture help–perhaps.

How about your message?

Can you simplify it into 7 words or less?

Can you reduce it to a picture.

Spend the next few hours shortening your marketing message.

Think about your target audience and offer one solution to them.

People respond better to short, succinct graphics or words.

Your marketing message needs to be concise and impactful – so it can be remembered.

So it can be re-tweeted.

So you can increase the impact of your marketing message.

How will you be reworking your marketing message to better reach the maximum number of people in your target audience.

Be remarkable.

Happy Promoting!

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