How To Market Your Restaurant With Branded Gifts (+ 5 Exciting Options)

  • Oct 20, 2020

Eating establishments can creatively advertise during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond by including custom-printed gifts with take-out, pick-up and delivery orders!


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, restaurants have had to get creative, in order to market themselves, and many have had special take-out, pick-up and delivery options. Not only does this allow a restaurant to stay up and running and the public to keep enjoying their favorite eats and imprinted insulated bagtreats, but it can also allow these businesses to leave a lasting impression, one that encourages future orders: branded gifts.


For instance, Eddie V’s has a Black Tie Marketplace, full of steaks and seafood that can be purchased online, picked up at a restaurant and eaten at home. These orders can also come with branded seasoning or a branded apron, which make it even more special and which act as forms of advertisement; each time these products are used, people will be reminded of Eddie V’s and may order from them again!


In order to market your restaurant during this strange time and beyond, keep the following custom-printed gifts in mind:


T-shirts are always a smart choice, since a person can’t seem to own too many! Plus, since everyone is stuck indoors right now, loungewear is more necessary than ever. Fans will love showing off their favorite eating establishment with a stylish and comfy tee.


For larger orders, cooler bags can be included, or they can be given away through raffles and contests. These big-ticket items are super handy and appealing, as people can carry their lunches in them or use them to load up meals and drinks for picnics and road trips. imprinted koozie


Similarly, koozies are small, affordable and useful, and they can easily be included with purchases. For restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages, these imprinted products will hopefully incentivize the public to order more drinks!


Another great idea is to gift customers with tools they can utilize in the kitchen. Some examples are pizza cutters, chip clips, utensil sets and corkscrews/bottle openers. 


And finally, everyone can go the safety route, offering up hand sanitizer! It was already an appealing product, it is now a must-have, and a bottle that displays a restaurant’s name, logo and colors is super neat. 


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