How To Market Yourself With Branded Bags (+ 4 Appealing Options)

  • Oct 7, 2020

Creatively advertise yourself during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond: Hand out and give away custom-printed bags and backpacks!


Brands have had to get creative, when it comes to marketing themselves during a pandemic, and recently, Impossible Foods ran an experiential promotion: They washed cars for free, and they gave out branded bags that included their pre-made meatless patties, gift cards and potatoes with at-home cooking instructions.


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While car washes and food items may not work for every business, organization, goal, location, budget or industry, this plant-based food promotional backpackcompany was onto something…


Reusable bags can be used by one and all, whether someone is carrying belongings to and from work, class, a vacation, the grocery store or a trade show. No matter what is in them, the outside of these products can boast a brand’s name, logo, colors and message, acting as a stylish billboard. 


They can also be filled with goodies for varying campaigns. For instance, two companies can allow someone to win their products by hosting a social media giveaway. Similar associations can encourage the public to stay at home by mailing employees and clients fun indoor games and activities. Additionally, an imprinted bag can be included with a purchase over a certain amount or during a specific time.


To incentivize business/awareness and market your brand during the time of COVID-19 and beyond, consider working these custom-printed bags into your strategy: 


A backpack is a go-to option for many, with its utilitarian style and numerous pockets/compartments. Plus, there are versions with slings or promotional clear stadium bagdrawstrings, some that are waterproof and those made specifically for carrying laptops. 


Campaign Idea: Those in the field of education could fill backpacks with school supplies, as a way to appeal to districts, thank teachers or advertise to students. 


Clear bags are necessary in some places now, such as stadiums, as they reveal contents without an in-depth search. These are trendy, too, allowing people to show off their colorful phone cases, designer beauty products and so on. 


Campaign Idea: Since the music industry isn’t hosting festivals right now, it could stay in the front of minds by mailing out or giving away clear fanny packs full of concert essentials. 


There are also bags that double as coolers, which are perfect for ideas involving foods and beverages. This option is very appealing to the public, as it can then carry a daily lunch or enhance a backyard barbecue or roadtrip.


promotional tote bagCampaign Idea: Like Impossible Foods, a similar brand could introduce a new edible/drinkable treat by utilizing a cooler bag. 


A tote bag is a popular and affordable choice, and it is primarily seen at conventions; everyone loads up on swag and has a spot to store it all. While industry functions are not taking place as usual, businesses and organizations can still turn to these bags, in order to spread awareness, thank clients, incentivize employees and/or reward followers.


Campaign Idea: Reach out to those who usually attend or advertise at your trade show, and let them know what else you are up to/what other opportunities are available, all by gifting them with a branded tote.


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