Ideas for Marketing to Teens

  • Feb 17, 2014

Marketing 101: Best Ways to Reach the Teen Target Market

ideas to marketi to teenagers

Austin, Texas: Can you remember what used to turn you on as a teenager (I’m talking PG here!!!)?

1) Music

2) The opposite sex

3) Sleeping ( a lot of sleeping)

4) Hanging out with friends

5) Playing Games (sports/videogames/fitness/exercise, etc.)

5) Parties

6) Food (and beverages, of course)

7) More music

Today, it is no different. Music makes up much of a teenagers life.

Whether they get their source from YouTube, music downloads and file sharing, concerts, etc. – kids of all ages are into their music.

Knowing this, some of the best premiums or incentives to entice teenagers youcan offer will be the gift of music.

Whether you are a retailer trying to offer a gift with purchase or a college or university looking to encourage a high school student to complete a college promotions will catch their attention.

Some of the most popular branded music promotions we have been doing that have been targeted for teens include:

1) Music Download Cards: These branded cards can be for 1 up to 500 songs – that work on all devices–for iPods, cell phones or any other music players. You can even get a custom branded home page that requires the recipients to enter some personal information before they can download their songs–from a music library over 500,000 songs deep. Data capture works great for music download promotions.

2) Promotional Ear Buds: You can give away decent imprinted earbuds for under $3 each – and you will keep your message in front of your target audience for a long time.

3) Promotional Speakers: For under $15 you can offer a wired promotional speaker with your logo on them. For about $30, you can offer a quality Bluetooth promotional speaker.Think of using these higher priced promotional speakers as a gift with purchase, for signing up for a subscription service, gift for attending a camp, or as a referral gift.

Remember, if you want to reach the teen market, think music.

Although musical tastes sure have varied over the decades, the love for music sure hasn’t died.

Happy Promoting!

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