Imprinted Selfies Stick - The Hot New Promotional Item for 2015

  • Jan 21, 2015

Something New and Popular for 2015: Imprinted Selfie Sticks

Austin, Texas: I just came back from back to back electronics shows and the clear winner so far for new product of the year are imprinted selfie sticks.

logo selfie sticks promotional selfie sticks logo selfie sticks

That’s right–imprinted selfie sticks are going to be the hottest selling new tech gadget in 2015.

In our self absorbed world where everybody is posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram, it only stands to reason that a device that can improve the look and feel of these images would be popular.

The neat thing is these are fun and easy to use and appeal to a much larger audience than “students”.

In fact, we have already done orders for mechanical engineering firm, hospital for Nurses’s Day programs, several high tech firms for SXSW and other marketing events — and yes, apartments and realtors that deal with student housing.

We offer two main styles: the lower priced imprinted selfie sticks have a cord that plugs into the earphone jacks of any smartphone. The slightly more expensive imprinted selfie sticks have Bluetooth and a button at the end of the extending pole that makes taking pictures a breeze.

Here is a picture of me using the imprinted selfie stick — and one of a quick picture I took from my balcony.

promotional selfie sticks selfie stick with imprint





It was fun and easy to use and it takes great angles. The telescoping pole folds down to about 6-7 inches when not in use–and several feet at full length and it swivels and locks in place for great angles.

Simply insert your smartphone into the self-adjusting clamp, pair it, and snap a photo with the button, built in to the handle. Works with most smartphones. This imprinted selfie stick comes in blue and black handle options/

If you ask me what’s new and fun this year–imprinted selfie sticks!

Happy Promoting!

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