Improve Employee Morale: 3 Ways To Use Ugly Sweaters

  • Nov 18, 2020

These custom clothes can be used during the holiday season to bring teams together and celebrate in a creative way!


santa sweater for employeesGallup monitors the engagement and wellbeing of the workforce, and in 2020, levels have fluctuated more than ever before.


That is why during this holiday season, it is more important than ever to thank employees and help to boost morale.


A fun and creative way to do so is with ugly sweaters! They are a staple of this time of the year, they provide a festive piece of clothing to own/wear, and they can bring everyone together in a unique way.


Here are three ways brands can utilize custom holiday sweaters:


First of all, organizations and companies can give everyone custom sweaters. Gifts are a normal part of the holiday season, so make sure to custom sweaterhand out one-of-a-kind pieces that show off names, logos and colors. 


Secondly, a workplace can host an ugly sweater contest, asking everyone to wear their most out-there holiday ensembles to work. Prizes can be given out, which will make for some healthy competition.


Lastly, these clothing items can be combined with another holiday staple: Christmas cards. Employees can wear ugly sweaters during a group photo, this can be made into a branded card, and the cards can be mailed out to friends, family and followers, spreading cheer even further. 


However this custom-printed apparel is utilized, it will be sure to increase team spirit and, in turn, boost overall productivity and happiness for employees this year. 


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