Improving Your Marketing Through Virtual Reality

  • Mar 7, 2016

How You Can Utilize Virtual Reality To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

VR marketing

Austin, Texas One of the most popular trends of late has been virtual reality marketing.

I have seen huge lines forming at trade show booths for companies demonstrating their virtual reality software, training or just being used as a marketing gimmick.

Companies like Six Flags theme parks will be using virtual reality to enhance their roller coaster experience and add another level of excitement to their rides.

Coca Cola and McDonald’s restaurants have been testing virtual reality to stay one step ahead of their competition. McDonald’s Sweden used custom virtual reality headsets to promote  “Sportlov”, a Swedish recreational holiday, during which many families go skiing.custom virtual reality headsets

The Coachella music festival is adding a new app and shipping out cardboard VR headsets to this year’s attendees in the “welcome boxes” containing their tickets.



And at this month’s SXSW Expo in Austin, there will even be a seminar entitled, “Your Brain on Virtual Reality“.

As more and more smartphones are able to handle virtual reality (VR) applications, imagine how you can use VR to bring the full essence of your brand to your customers.

Whether it is to help a client to get an understanding of what it would feel like to be behind the steering wheel of your new car or boat, get induced to book a cruise on your ship, take a full demo of your product without leaving their office, experience your new apartment or condo project while you are still raising capital, etc.-…the applications are endless.

imprinted virtual reality gogglesHow will you be utilizing virtual reality to market to your client base?

Start to consider ideas and options as I feel those that are pioneers in this relatively new medium will have a huge advantage over their competitors.

Will you be using imprinted virtual reality headsets to create a buzz at your trade show?

Will you be developing VR apps to enhance the user experience for your clients?

Will you be utilizing virtual reality to market and to increase market share.

Start planning now.

Please share with me how you virtual reality will fit into your marketing plans for this year and beyond.

Happy Promoting!


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