In Sales, Should You Only Be as Happy as Your Least Happy Customer?

  • May 30, 2012

Increasing Sales and Profits Through Increased Customer Empathy

Ways to become a better salespersonAustin, Texas: I was watching a morning talk show program the other day and they had a segment about parenting. One of the commentators said that a parent is only as happy as their least happy child – and it got me wondering if that also applies to the business world.

As a parent we are tightly integrated with the day to day aspects of her children’s lives. When they do well on a test, at a recital or in sports, we feel genuine happiness. If they get picked on by a bully, fail a test or get cut from a team, we feel sadness.

Are we attuned to her clients in the same way?

Shouldn’t we be?

If you manufacture, produce, license or sell a product, shouldn’t you be keenly aware how it is selling for your clients?

Don’t you want to know what the end-users are asking or saying (or not saying) about it?

Don’t you want to know what your clients are saying or thinking about it?

How is it selling?

What is your competition offering?

These are the types of nuances that you can only learn if you develop empathy and tune in to your customers.

Treat each customer as if your happiness is derived from their happiness – and their problems are your problems — and you will have a clear road map to success.

No BS.

The cost of a single disgruntled customer can do irreparable damage to your firm and its reputation with social media, blogging and other customer retaliations.

Nip them in the bud by getting to situations before they fester and become problems.

Truly become that “partner” that you have always talked about — and really mean it.

Your success is dependent upon it.

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