Increasing Sales by Reducing Your Social Media Clutter

  • May 22, 2012

Focus better by reducing clutterAustin, TX: How often do you read every post on your Twitter or Facebook feed?

Probably less so than a year ago–right?

Your list of friends and followers has probably gotten so large that the tweets are a lot less pertinent these days, aren’t they?

Are you clicking on the hyperlinks as often as you had previously done? Doubtful. And why is that?

Too much clutter is most likely the culprit.

Business maven Seth Godin writes about the signal to noise ratio in a recent blog, where it gets harder and harder to be heard among all the chatter.

I agree with Mr. Godin and am going to adapt a “less is more” attitude.

Tonight, I will cut the number of people I follow on Twitter by 25%.

I will do the same on my Facebook page, as knowing what a person I barely hung out with in high school 31 years ago is doing this weekend is not really of any interest to me.

But I will go a step further and cut my prospect list on my CRM program down by 25% as well.

I will make it a point to concentrate on those customers that I feel I have the best chance of helping and those which I feel have the best chance of a mutual and long lasting working relationship.

Everybody else goes to a monthly e-blast list–from which I promise to pare down by 25% each year, as well– based on open rate.

Cut the clutter!

I am willing to make these changes so I can focus my attention on building more meaningful dialogue with my Twitter and Facebook friends – and to my clients and prospects.

I think I can increase the penetration of my marketing message by focusing on a smaller audience. That way my message and time will be better focused.

Are you willing to reduce your social media clutter?


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