Is it Time to Start Paying for Apps?

  • Jul 25, 2013

Choosing Only Free Apps Hurts the Entire Tech Industry

ree apps hurt the entire tech industryAustin, Texas: I was looking into two time-saving apps on the web last night and was surprised at the anger over some of these companies that are beginning to charge for their apps.

It was like someone was stealing from their house. I could not believe the vitriol and disgust in their tone on these forums.

Sure, I like free stuff. Free swag. Free gifts. Free apps. Free drinks!

But, somewhere–somebody has to pay something–right!??!?!

One of the apps was a scheduling program for Pinterest that used to be free. Now they wanted $12.99 per month for it. People were complaining and bitching–over a company charging for their program and service?

My philosophy: If it can save just 30 minutes per month– then the $12.99 is a bargain.

Time is a valuable commodity – and if a program allows me to look more professional and saves time– and costs under $15–what a bargain.

Why should it be free?

For all of us in the tech industry–if we do not value other people’s time and programming commitments– then why should they value ours?

If an app has a benefit to you, then you should pay something for it. Whether it be a nominal donation or a monthly fee– don’t attack the developer.

Either pay for the app service or don’t. But to publicly condemn a company for selling its services–is so anti-Capitalist that it is painful to read.

App developers: Keep up the good work.

There are still many of us out there that are willing to pay for the “better mousetrap”.

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