Isn't Time to Clean Out Some of Your Email Clutter?

  • Oct 24, 2013

When Was the Last Time You Spent Some Time Cleaning Out the Email In-Box Clutter on Your Computer?

ideas to reduce emasil clutterAustin, Texas: I awoke today to 15 LinkedIn group messages in my email in box, along with nearly 40 emails from companies that I would consider to be SPAM (or at least unsolicited) – along with another few dozen emails of limited value and concern.

What a waste of time!

So rather than to hit “Report to Spam”, I decided to look introspectively at all the LinkedIn groups and other email lists that I had opted in over time — to determine their current actual value to me.

What seemed beneficial a few years back often does not interest me any longer.

Many of these groups I had joined have turned into nothing more than subtle (or not too subtle) commercials with very little value.

Weekly e-blasts from vendors — just not sure I need them any longer.

Monthly e-mail “SPECIALS” –can’t I get them from their websites?

I spent 90 minutes changing my subscriptions, unsubscribing from groups, removing myself from dozens of unread RSS feeds, emails and other forums.

I even hid several threads from some Facebook “friends” that seem to post too often, or about inane things.

Time is valuable — and if we are wasting it sifting through a constant barrage of unwanted email clutter and non-beneficial time wasters, then we have less time to devote to our business or our personal life.

What can you remove from you daily and weekly email clutter?

Try to make a habit of unsubscribing from a few unopened e-mail lists each day.

The time you save can be better spent elsewhere .. even if elsewhere is just taking a nap or going to bed earlier.

What will you be removing today?

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