Let's All Try to Hire the 1 Percenters in 2012

  • Nov 7, 2011

Hiring a War Veteran Can be a Win-Win Opportunity

retiring US soldier can provide hiring opportunities for any businessAustin, Texas: With all the talk of Occupy Wall Street and the focus on the income inequality of the Top 1%, we tend to forget about the other 1%.

As Tom Brokaw mentioned the other night on his book tour, he described the 1 percent as American families involved in the military operations.

That is the 1% that needs our attention for action.

It is easy for all of us to thank the troops and pay lip service for their bravery and skills.

No one would disagree.

But are we willing to put our money where our mouths are?

The American people have spoken, military budgets have been cut and tens of thousands of troops will be coming home from Iraq after fighting there for too long. Many of these troops will be retiring, and will have to enter the workforce at a time of high unemployment.

Our soldiers have been better educated than at any other time and they can bring a skill set unparalleled to most business situations.

I implore businesses and organizations of all sizes to give retiring veterans first shot for any and all job openings.

They have served to keep us safe, and in return, we all owe them an opportunity for success as civilians.

This should not be viewed as a handout. It should be viewed as a wake up call or as a reminder that all patriotic American should give retiring veterans careful consideration for employment.

Who is with me on this?

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