Make Your Next Promotional USB Drives Unique

  • May 2, 2014

Think Outside the Typical Shape for Your Promotional USB Drives

custom shape USB drives

Austin, TX: We get dozens of last minute calls on a daily basis for our next day quick ship standard promotional USB drives.

We are happy to serve – but want to suggest something different for your next promotional USB drives— a custom shape.

If you have plan about a month in advance, we can create custom 2D flash drives or even 3D custom shaped USB drives for your next promotion, trade show or event.

Talk about creating value and marketing buzz- a promotional USB drive can be molded into any shape.

Think of it from a creative and branding point of view. The shape can be a miniature version of your product itself. It can be your mascot, logo or character.

Promotional USB drives are very popular–as many people are handing these out at trade shows instead of paper catalogs..with their data already pre-loaded onto them.

But for about the same money–with a little advance planning, you can hand out a promotional USB drive that will be remembered and used again and again.

What was the most unique promotional USB drive you’ve received?

Do you still remember it?

Maximizing your ROI can be simple if you think a bit out of the box. Technology has improved dramatically so that your custom USB drives can look like anything.

What would you want your promotional USB drives to look like?

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