Marketing Tips & Trends For 2020

  • Dec 3, 2019

With a new year comes new ways to advertise your brand to the world!

The end of the year means a time to reflect on the past 12 months and a time to wind down and relax a bit during the holiday season. As we get ready to head into 2020, though, many organizations and businesses are already thinking about what can be improved upon come January. 


No matter the month or season, marketing is a constant technique that is utilized by one and all, in order to spread the word about particular products and services. 


Down below, we will discuss the trends within this realm for which to get ready, as well as the tips to use when tackling this and more. 


Trend: Analytics

Even the simplest platforms used in marketing offer up a plethora of data: Who saw an ad? What brings people to my website? How many clicks does this page get? Where do my customers live? 


In 2020, even more professionals will be turning to even more data. It is all there, and it all exists so that brands can learn more about how their websites are working, where their target audience is, which types of advertisements work best and so on. 


Tip: Use Information Wisely

When it comes to the information that is available to a business or organization, behind the scenes, remember to use it wisely. From social media analytics reports and sales data to news on competitors, all of this can help with getting ahead in the game. 


It can be hard to know where to focus efforts, but as we prepare for a whole new year, make sure there are team members who know which info will be most useful and how it can be utilized best. 


online ads

Trend: Shopping Ads

Advertising is a common way for someone to market something, and in today’s day and age, online ads are key. Instead of just showing off a pretty picture with a catchy caption, though, make that ad shoppable!


Tip: Play To Strengths

All of these trends, include allowing customers to shop via social media posts and advertisements, are going to be tried by everyone else out there. Therefore, a brand really needs to play to its specific strengths, in order to stand out in the crowd.


What do you have that no one else does? Where is your sweet spot? What is your specialty? How can you show off in a unique way? Answer these questions, and remind people of them often. 


Trend: Customization 

Another neat way that marketing is beginning to change is with customization. This is a sort of broad idea, so think about how your organization or company could implement it. 


For instance, there are easy ways to customize newsletters and social media posts, so that they feature names and particular cities. There are trade show booth ideas that can be very interactive, giving each attendee a specialized experience. There are VR trends that take the digital age and the user experience even further. And in 2020, we urge you to consider everything at least once!


Tip: Know Your Target

No matter which trends and techniques are put in place next year, remember one thing, above the rest: Know your target. 


You have data and info on them. You have a one-of-a-kind product or service. You have these new ideas for this new time. And you must always be putting the customer first, thinking in the way that they would and advertising yourself in the way that will appeal to them best.

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