Marketing Your Brand With Rubber Ducks

  • Mar 22, 2019

Rubber ducks may be associated with kiddie songs and childhood playtime, but these little guys are a great marketing tool!


These bright yellow products are a symbol of happiness. Imagine handed them out on the street, branded with your name and logo, and seeing faces light up. From there, they will end up in workplaces, as people use them to brighten up their desks - and everyone in the office will see your logo. They will end up in cars, as people squeeze them to fight road rage - and they will think of your product/services while de-stressing. They will end up in a child’s room, causing family members, babysitters and others to also learn about your business, too.


From a success story in Hong Kong to a library in New York, rubber duckies are seen in business ventures and promotional settings... so we suggest that YOU turn to these products, too, in order to advertise your brand in a fun way!


Show them off in creative settings, give them away at trade shows, and appeal to fans of all ages. Shop these 10 rubber ducks here and now:







Glow In The Dark





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