More People Opting For Smart Technology

  • Jun 25, 2019

Gadgets like these give us more control, can lower our utility costs and can lead to more fun!


New research shows that more people will be turning to smart devices in their homes. Already, many gadgets come with these built-in enhancements; according to Clutch, over 50% of people own a smart home device, and over 30% of people plan to invest in one in the next three years.


These forms of technology allow immediate control, access and monitoring, from anywhere and at any time, and it is now easier to control the settings and the electronics in our homes. This provides a greater sense of security, as we have more options when it comes to management. This can also simply be super entertaining, as many love getting the latest tech toys. Smart devices can also help when it comes to finances, too, as more than half of people said that their smart thermostats have decreased their utility costs!


Those looking to implement more smart devices in their homes or offices should consider the following:



With smart bulbs like the one pictured here, you can set the color to any mood, you can connect Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can turn the light off/on remotely, and/or you can schedule when you want these lights to come on in your home.


Voice-Activated Devices

Devices like these are all the rage; just say “Alexa” to learn about the weather, to get updates on traffic, to play iHeart Radio and so much more.


Wi-Fi Plugs

There are many wi-fi plugs from which to choose, allowing you to control your devices through your wi-fi network from anywhere!

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