New Study: Americans Are Willing to Pay MORE for a Positive Shopping Experience

  • Nov 4, 2013

What Type of Premium Service Are You Offering As An Option to Your Customers?

Austin, Texas: A new study from SDL says that “73% of Americans say they are ‘willing to pay more’ for products if the brand delivers a positive customer experience.”

All customers are NOT the same and there is a majority of people willing to pay extra for faster service, a better experience and other points of difference.

What can you offer your customers that can deliver a better shopping experience?

Can you offer concierge service?

How about gift wrapping?

Faster delivery?

Extended hours?

These service do not have to be free .. but they should be available to those willing to pay for them.

A few months ago we started offering 24-hour quick ship delivery on many of our imprinted tech items, ranging from imprinted ear buds, speakers, USB drives and more– and have created quite a positive stir among clients who have waited until the day before a trade show to order their promotional items.

Is it free? No, overtime costs us extra money, but it is a service available to those who need it and are willing to pay for it.

Think about what services you can offer to improve the overall customer experience to those select customers willing to pay for them.

A positive shopping experience is how you can differentiate yourself from the pack.

What one or two added service can you offer for the Christmas shopping season?

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