New Study Describes Want Customers Really Want From A Loyalty Program

  • Aug 24, 2010

 According to a study in Colloquy, U.S. consumer participation in loyalty and rewards programs rose across every demographic segment in 2009, and grew 19% overall since 2007.

Most customers join these programs with the hope of benefitting more from their consumer experience. However, some studies show that many consumers are dissatisfied. references a study that explains:

  • 70% want more discounts and savings.
  • 58% want better personal benefits and services.
  • 52% want more compelling personal offers as a reward for steering their business to loyalty-program operators.

The article continues: “Most consumers surveyed (54%) say the barrage of irrelevant messages, low-value rewards, and impersonal engagement don’t particularly engender loyalty.”

Implementing a loyalty program as a quick fix solves nothing. Like any other tactic, loyalty should be integrated into your marketing strategy, and help you meet your marketing goals.

There is no point in consumers having several different airline and hotel loyalty cards. The goal of any loyalty program is to increase sales to an existing customer or to win business from a competitor. If customers are using your loyalty card only when it is convenient, you are not changing buying habits and not maximizing the effectiveness of your program.

Customers need to see benefits that are above and beyond your competition, not another “me too” program. When customers tear up your competitors’ cards and use only your loyalty card, then you know you are offering a program that is effective.

Until then, keep improving your service, benefits and rewards.


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