Onboarding Kits: Why To Use Them & What To Include

  • May 26, 2020

Pretty packages, full of necessary resources and thoughtful gifts, are the perfect way to welcome new employees to your team!


When a new hire joins the team, there is some prep work that must take place before actual work begins. Rather than bogging down these new additions with guidelines, names, expectations and paperwork right off the bat, welcome them with an onboarding kit. 


These are sort of survival packs, full of necessary resources and goodies, and they are very common… and for some very good reasons.


Down below, we will cover the benefits of employee welcome packages and some ideas on what to include in them, too!


  1. It is nearly impossible to find enough time to inform and equip new employees with everything they need, all at once. Bundling all the info and tools together, though, in one pretty package, makes it more appealing. Therefore, they will have a go-to place for it all, giving them a better chance to get to work quickly.

  2. Gifts are appreciated, and they make great first impressions. If someone is joining the team and being welcomed in this warm way, they will feel wanted and will more than likely stick around for longer.

  3. Similarly, welcoming kits can lead to more productive employees, as well as boost overall morale. 


  1. Of course, the basics will need to be featured, such as paperwork to fill out, an employee handbook, keys and important documents that answer questions regarding when payday is, what the values are and how to log into systems.

  2. There are basic tools that all places of work need to run smoothly, such as pens & paper for jotting down notes or messages, bags to carry laptops and mugs that help keep everyone caffeinated. These are some smart items to add in, as well, especially if they are branded with logos; this will, again, make hires feel like part of the team, instantly.

  3. To really make an impact, throw in some fun freebies, too! From games and foods to gadgets like drones and VR goggles, there are many ways to appeal to employees.


So instead of overwhelming or boring these additions, welcome them in the perfect way... and do some free marketing, as well, by personalizing employee packages! Find more branded gifts & tools for your onboarding kits here.


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