Personalization: How Are You Utilizing Your Customer Profiles?

  • Jan 7, 2014

data capture and website personalization
Austin, Texas: We keep reading about the over-reach of government and corporations in terms of data capture.

It is one thing to capture data for lead generation if you are up-front about it.

It is another to do it secretly.

But what do you do with all your data — or are you just capturing it for possible future use?

The future for websites is in personalization and customization. Having landing pages and mini-websites created for a particular customer’s needs- instead of a mass audience.

Are you working toward that in your data capture–or is it just hit and miss?

One of the best examples I saw was my Google birthday greeting the other da y- on my actual birthday.

It was subtle — yet made me feel special.

Think about what you can do to increase personalization based on a few specific criteria that you deem most important — and forget about the other wasteful data capture.

Make your sites more user friendly.

It’s all about the customer experience.

What can you do to enhance that personal experience?

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