Popular Print Methods For Promo Products

  • Jun 2, 2020

There are a variety of printing processes, which can be used to create the perfect promotional gifts for your brand!


Turning to promotional products is one of the best decisions a brand can make. These affordable and versatile items can be handed out to potential customers, used as employee incentives, given away to drum up business, utilized as freebies that spread awareness, sent to clients and more. 


They also act as a form of advertising, since any product can be customized with a company’s or organization’s name and logo. Therefore, the person who receives the item and everyone who sees it after that will be learning about this brand!

How does the logo get imprinted onto the gifts, though? What is the process? Below, we will cover a few of the most popular methods, which are all available at Geek Tech Branding. 

With screen printing, an image is transferred onto a product through a silk screen that is full of holes, which help form the final graphic. It is commonly found on flat, even surfaces like shirts, bags and pens.

screen-printed guitar picks

Embroidered logos are regularly seen on clothes and other soft items, and this process involves turning a graphic into a stitch file that a machine can read and sew.

embroidered blanket

Another method used on apparel would be sublimation, and it involves heat and pressure creating a graphic on fabric. It is also seen on lanyards, mouse pads and koozies.

sublimation logo koozie

Next up is pad printing, which stamps a logo. This is a great choice for curved items such as balls, glasses, bottles and pens.

Digital printing is also known as a four-color process or as full-color printing, and it uses printers to create a design, just like when a person prints something from their own computer. This option, which is seen on things like boxes, decals and notepads, allows for numerous colors and details.

digital print on branded speaker

As its name suggests, laser engraving stencils a design with a laser beam, and it is usually found on products that are made out of wood or metal items.

laser-engraved cups

A heat transfer is done in a way that is similar to using an iron on a decal, so it is good for items like caps, bags and umbrellas. 

heat transfer on bottles

Debossing (which creates a depressed image) and embossing (which creates a raised image) both are done with a metal stamping die. This is a nice choice for leather goods or custom chocolates.

embossed leather journal


No matter your brand or goals, there is a promotional product and a printing method for you!

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