Promotional Tablet Chargers vs. Promotional Phone Chargers: Which is the Right Choice for Your Budget?

  • Jun 10, 2014

When Should You Give Away Promotional Tablet Power Chargers Instead of the Less Expensive Promotional Phone Power Chargers?

printed tablet chargerAustin, Texas: Our company sells a lot of promotional external battery chargers – both for phones and for tablet devices.

Because of this, one of the most frequently asked question we hear is , “Which is the right power charger choice for our particular target market?”

A good promotional phone charger can cost anywhere between $8-$20 — depending on its bells and whistles, amperage, charging capacity, etc. These usually have between 1800-2400 mAh and can charge iPhones, Androids and most other smartphone brands.

A good promotional tablet charger can cost between $30-$80 — depending on its bells and whistles, amperage, charging capacity, etc. These usually have between 5600-10,000 mAh and can charge iPads, Kindle FIres, Dell Venues, and most other makes and models.

Because of the large price difference, most people use promotional phone chargers for the majority of their marketing–trade shows, conferences, gift with purchase, referral gifts, etc.

Promotional tablet chargers are most often used for internal promotions–such as sales incentive programs– or even as gifts for the sales team. Nothing less productive than a salesperson who is on the road–but cannot power up his or her tablet or laptop.

Promotional tablet chargers are often used for higher-end gift with purchase programs–such as with a new roof, free with the purchase of a software suite, free with a prepaid gym membership, free for attending a high net-worth investment presentation, etc.

Over time, as the price of power chargers continue to drop, they will increase in popularity for the mass market.

Until then, most of our clients order promotional phone chargers for the massive giveaways and order fewer promotional tablet chargers for key accounts and for internal incentives.

Either way, providing additional power to charge up devices will keep your name and logo in front of your clients for many, many years.

Happy Promoting!

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