Promotional Tech Accessories: Top Search Terms

  • Jan 13, 2020

Promotional products can build up brand awareness and drive traffic to a business’ trade show booth, store, event or website. 


When these promo items are of high quality, they will be used regularly, gaining a brand even more attention. Therefore, tech gadgets are a wise option, considering the world we live in and how often people rely on technology. 


According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the 10 search terms below are the ones people search for most, when it comes to promotional tech accessories. Consider opting for any/all of these products, in order to boost your business!

Power Bank 

custom power bank

A custom power bank will keep devices juiced up and will show off a logo. These portable chargers can be used anywhere and at any time, making them thoughtful promotional products.

Bluetooth Speaker 

branded bluetooth speaker

Whether someone is listening to music or taking calls, a branded speaker like this can make a big impact, with its sound and range.


company flashlight

Everyone loves receiving freebies, and no one can have too many flashlights lying around; these are handy and affordable objects that show off a company or an organization in a neat way.


corporate stylus

When it comes to tech gadgets, a stylus can be another very useful item. Keep these in mind, when stocking up on branded products to give away.


branded earbuds

A trending promo would be to utilize logo earbuds, which will be greatly appreciated.

Cellphone Wallet 

custom cellphone wallet

Instead of having to keep up with a phone and a wallet, many combine them; cellphone wallets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, allowing people to personalize their gadgets and see a certain logo at all times!


logo chargers

There are portable chargers, car chargers, USB chargers, solar-powered chargers... The list goes on, and they can all be branded with a company's or organization's name and logo.


logo headphones

There are also headphones, which can allow fans, clients and employees to listen to music, audiobooks and more… like never before.


branded speakers

A big-ticket item like a custom speaker can be raffled off at a trade show or given away through a social media contest. 


fitness tracker watch

And finally, there are technological watches, such as fitness trackers, which people will find very appealing. 



Remember these search terms when it comes to promo products, as a way to appeal to even more people, and find further tech gadgets here!

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